i like movies, tracking shots and adele exarchopoulos. ()

yo what should i watch?

  1. gusletoro said: Kids!!!
  2. chungkingexpress1994 answered: thats sucha good collection. Are you in a certain mood or you just anna watch osmething good?
  3. quentintarantinos said: dazed and confused & raising arizona are sheer classics :)
  4. paulthomasfanderson said: The King of Comedy. Scorsese at his best.
  5. brysen said: Adaptation!
  6. fellini answered: well, well, well… in the mood for love or pi
  7. samuel-ha said: Goodbye Lenin! hands down!
  8. filmforlife answered: I say go for ‘The Fly’ or ‘Pieta’ or ‘Nymphomaniac’ :)
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